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Virtual Private Networks

Virtual Private Network - breaking down the walls

Setting up a Virtual Private Network enables you the freedom of an office with no physical boundaries. Imagine a team of home-based workers contributing their talents as effortlessly as if they were sitting in the corporate office. How? They simply VPN into the company network and get the job done.

Creative Computing Enterprises, Inc., a network management company based in Chicago, specializes in setup of virtual private networks for seamless productivity and efficiency.

Virtual Private Network - MS Terminal Servers

Your office without boundries!

MS terminal server enables utilization of low-end workstations as client terminals. The servers that run terminal server do all the file and application processing for the network applications. The advantages to this are savings in workstation costs and client confidence in CCE's knowledgeable data recovery and affordable disaster recovery services.

Terminal server implementations generally contain a main file server and a relatively powerful application server that processes the user applications.

Another benefit of terminal server is the lower, affordable cost communication in serving off site locations. Much lower bandwidth is required as the actual transfer over the communication link is a dynamic image of the processes taking place on the server rather than live data.