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Email Security-Computer Virus Specialists

E-mail is a critical application in a disaster situation. Communication with customers, vendors and employees is vital during this time.

E-mail creates an opening through which viruses can cause damage and a decline in productivity. With this portion of your network securely locked down, the possibility for virus attacks decreases dramatically.

Inappropriate content and user distraction are also eliminated by restricting the incoming mail and/or totally denying certain key words (e.g. vulgar words.)

Creative Computing Enterprises, Inc. provides network solutions, software for secure email, preventive maintenance and planning. Recover data from a virus attack without losing precious time.

Firewall Security

CCE, Inc believes in prevention.

There are two main types of firewall security.

The first and best is a hardware firewall security. This is a router that is configured with an access and deny list for outside access to your system. Hardware firewalls insure that the outside influence is stopped prior to entering your local area network.

The second is a software firewall security. This is software installed on a server in the LAN that scans all incoming and outgoing traffic for proper authorization prior to allowing communication with the local area network.

CCE Inc. believes that computer preventive maintenance is far more valuable than an 'after-the-fact' cure. We recommend a combination of hardware and software prevention as an essential part of a healthy network and business software solution.