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Virtual Private Networking provides a path to flexibility and freedom. Setting up a Virtual Private Network enables you the freedom of an office with no physical boundaries. Imagine a team of home-based workers contributing their talents as effortlessly as if they were sitting in the corporate office. How? They simply connect to the company network through VPN and get the job done.


The technology of Virtual Private Networks is the technology of comfort and freedom - freedom from boundaries, and the comfort of convenient surroundings.

This is accomplished by creating a virtual office at your location of choice, be it a stationary home office or a notebook mobile situation. The location will have the ability to mimic your office environment's accessibility to data or printing documents at the office on location or at your nearby Kinkos. The choice and flexibility is a far cry from the cubicle days.

What is a Virtual Private Network?

A Virtual private network (VPN) is a secure connection to another computer system across the internet through a combination of tunneling, encryption, authentication and access control technologies and services used to carry traffic over the Internet, a managed IP network or a provider's backbone system.

The client sends data through encrypted Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) or Layer-2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) packets to a remote server or router, except instead of going across a dedicated line (as in the case of Wide Area Networks), the packets go through a tunnel (virtual private pipeline) over a shared network.

How Virtual Private Networks developed

Computers within the same site have been communicating with each other for many years. When private leased lines became available, communication between computers at different sites became possible. For a while after the emergence of the Internet, companies still chose to use private leased lines because of security issues.

With the growth of the Internet over several years, it was a natural step for companies to find a way of leveraging this media to improve their communications. First however, a method of ensuring total security in transporting data had to be found. As encryption and authentication technologies evolved, this security came closer.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology evolved from the security technologies of encryption and authentication, making the Internet a cheaper and more viable alternative to private leased line.

Why are Virtual Private Networks important?

VPN is very important in today's high-tech business world, providing an economically viable method for companies to communicate with partners, clients and mobile sales forces at any location in the world.

Cost savings include:

  • The use of the internet to distribute information instead of purchasing expensive leased lines

  • The reduced need for long distance telephone calls. The user no longer has to dial into a corporate modem bank, but rather into a local Internet service provider.

  • Cost of company set up and support. The service provider is responsible for supporting the dial up connection, and it is quicker and easier to get an internet connection up and running, than it is to set up and configure leased lines.

A Virtual Private Network should be engineered and implemented specific to your company's needs, taking into consideration bandwidth, applications, data size and frequency of access. Only after the company's needs, direction and growth are understood, can a proper implementation of a VPN be established.


Virtual Private Networks will increase productivity by enabling the employee's flexibility and ensuring that all partners to a business enterprise are kept on the same page with very little effort as well as site-to-site connectivity, which allows a branch office with multiple access lines to get rid of the data line, and move traffic over the existing Internet access connection. Since many sites use multiple lines, this can be a very useful application, and it can be deployed without any additional equipment or software.

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