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Disaster Recovery Overview

Complete Professional Disaster Recovery Services

Creative Computing Enterprises (CCE) offers complete professional disaster recovery services.

Disaster Recovery Consulting - the initial education and evaluation process of recovery planning.

Disaster Recovery Planning - the advanced planning and preparation necessary to minimize loss and ensure continuity of your critical business functions in the event of a disaster.

Disaster Recovery Testing - the only true method of ensuring the preparedness of your business.

Disaster Recovery Management - achieved through annual audits which validate the security of your network data, safety of your employees and recoverability of your business – keeping you ahead of the competition.

Disaster Recovery Off-Site - an alternate location for your facility to be set up during the rebuilding phase. This site also serves as a drill site to test and ensure your DR Plan.

"Of those companies with business continuity plans in place, 40 percent say
that they have not tested their plan in the past 12 months"
  - AT&T's 2006 Business Continuity Study

What Creative Computing Enterprises can do for you...

The professionals at Creative Computing Enterprises can evaluate, educate and provide clear, concise solutions to establish and maintain robust confidence in the safety, security and recoverability of your business.

Having a documented Disaster Recovery Plan is the initial step to ensuring the continuity of your business. A Disaster Recovery Plan is a living document that must be continually maintained and exercised. Your plan is forever changing and evolving, as is your business. In creating a Disaster Recovery Plan, CCE will work with you and your business to define the resources, actions, data, hardware and procedures required to manage the recovery and continuity of your business. This plan of action will give your business the ability to respond to an emergency in a coordinated, timely, and effective manner.

CCE services extend beyond plan creation. Once a plan for your business is established the professionals at CCE can manage your disaster recovery plan with annual audits. We also offer management services for Disaster Recovery Testing.
These exercises evaluate the effectiveness of a plan, educate and identify capabilities. We will simulate a disaster, placing the disaster recovery plan into action. CCE has the capability of executing your recovery strategy at their drillsite*.
This site, located in Lake County, IL, is available to serve as a drillsite* in a testing environment and as a warmsite* in the event of a disaster.

Let the professionals at CCE put their knowledge to work for you.
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*Hotsite: An alternate facility that already has in place the computer, telecommunications, and environmental infrastructure required to recover critical business functions or information systems.

*Warmsite: an alternate processing site which is equipped with some hardware, and communications interfaces, electrical and environmental conditioning which is only capable of providing backup after additional provisioning, software or customization is performed.

*Coldsite: An alternate facility that already has in place the environmental infrastructure required to recover critical business functions or information systems, but does not have any pre-installed computer hardware, telecommunications equipment, communication lines, etc. These must be provisioned at time of disaster.

*Drillsite: an alternative site equipped with hardware and knowledge to execute data recovery exercises. Restoration of data from back-up resource

-Disaster Recovery Institute

When disaster strikes, are you ready?

"Despite the devastating effect of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, nearly half of the 1,000 companies polled by AT&T said
that they do not take specific protective actions even when state or federal governments issue warnings for an impending
disaster, such as severe weather."        -AT&T's 2006 Business continuity study


A disaster can occur at any time and any place... Is your business prepared?

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An event can have effects across the globe, in your state, your community or impact solely your business. How will the needs of your clients be met if disaster strikes your business? Have you considered the legal requirements of your industry?

Pro-actively identifying vulnerabilities and establishing emergency preparedness and recoverability is vital to the future of your business.

Be safe! Be preventive! Don’t be reactive!