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MS Terminal Servers

The power of prevention

A secure, healthy and recoverable network does not happen magically. It takes a watchful eye and a careful network management company. Effective network management necessarily includes preventive maintenance, emergency preparedness and documentation of such.

The power of preparedness

One of the keys to achieving business continuity is a healthy network with a consistent maintenance schedule. Servers as well as workstations must be regularly checked to keep all internal and external components, including the installed software, functioning correctly. Network equipment such as hubs, routers, switches etc. all must be cared for and tested on a regular basis to ensure sound network functionality. From local area network components to offsite wide area network equipment, all links in the network “chain” must function smoothly and seamlessly in order for company operations to continue without incident or disaster. Simply backing up data is not a sufficient substitute for a well implemented preventive maintenance program. We tailor your network maintenance schedule to your company's specific RTO (recovery time objective) needs.

Be safe! Be preventive! Don’t be reactive!