Faulty Wide Area Network (WAN) - Technical network solutions help future growth

The Challenge...

We were introduced to a client through a referral in regards to correcting a faulty Wide Area Network (WAN) implementation. The client has an advanced networking need that requires a reliable WAN connection with their satellite office location. The existing 56K dedicated point-to-point WAN connection was not meeting their needs and had become counter productive. They were at a loss; data transfer rates were dangerously slow and corrupting databases. It was a situation that was very costly in productivity and time management as well as resources to fix corrupt data.

The Approach...

We completed the Network Consulting Documentation, engineering two options that would meet the needs for this client today, and encompass their future growth:

Data Recovery, Disaster Recovery   Option one - increase data pipeline from a 56k to a T1
Data Recovery, Disaster Recovery   Option two - decrease the data size being transferred over the WAN

After an in-depth discussion with the client, option two was chosen. The existing file server had been outgrown by company expansion, so the server was demoted from its status of primary domain server to an application server for the remote office through terminal server service.

A new Domain Controller was installed to service the main and remote facilities' data needs while our technical network solution was to install Terminal Server on the application server which enabled the remote office to use the necessary applications and data over the 56K WAN.

The Results...

The client now has a significantly higher productivity level and renewed confidence in their data safety and accessibility, along with renewed confidence in the use of information technology for the necessary data handling in today's business climate.