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Keeping pace with company growth - Network Computing Solution


The Challenge

We met with the client to discuss the direction, growth and expectations of their business, and the role their existing network played. We were able to discern that as a fast moving company with two very progressive leaders at the helm, their immediate growth was a giant step forward. They understood the value and importance of their data but lacked the guidance to execute and implement the necessary processes and equipment.

The Approach...

We evaluated the client's existing network by gathering data about their Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), workstations, servers, routers, wiring, application, data preservation and disaster recovery. We produced Network Consultation Documentation (NCD), and prioritized the projects that needed to be accomplished in order to reach the company goals and network stability.

Our findings were:

Data Recovery, Disaster Recovery   Data Preservation: No process in existence
Data Recovery, Disaster Recovery   Disaster Recovery: No plan implemented
Data Recovery, Disaster Recovery   Virus protection: Not automated
Data Recovery, Disaster Recovery   Preventive Maintenance: Not implemented
Data Recovery, Disaster Recovery   Exchange server: Required for data handling needs
Data Recovery, Disaster Recovery   Virtual Private Network (VPN): Needed
Data Recovery, Disaster Recovery   Managed Routing: Needed

We reported our findings to the client along with an explanation of the severity of each situation and a schedule of implementation.
We immediately implemented data preservation, disaster recovery, and preventive maintenance prior to any further enhancements.
Once the network and data was stabilized, we began correcting the productivity issues to provide efficiency by engineering and implementing a VPN for their offsite sales staff.
The VPN proved to be a great success; the convenience and mobility stream lined the assimilation of information among the different sales groups.
Next was implementation of the Exchange Server project. The engineering and configuration of Exchange provided global calendar sharing, contact management and email communication. This provided the client with public scheduling access for all employees on and off site, while creating continuity among the work force with single point scheduling of pending projects and deadline control.

The client is now trouble free, safe and efficient.

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