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Disaster Recovery Overview


Disaster recovery planning is critical to the continuity of your business. The Securities and Exchange Act of 1934 was amended by the 1977 Foreign Corrupt Practices Act to require all publicly held companies to keep accurate records and maintain internal control systems to safeguard assets. The courts have defined assets as including the computer systems and all the data they contain. Critical records and original documents also are assets that should be protected.

The law places equal emphasis on "making...keeping records." The company that fails to preserve a record is as liable as the company that fails to generate it. A company without adequate disaster plans may not be able to create records for a substantial period of time.

The penalty for conviction under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is a fine up to $10,000 or five years imprisonment, or both.

Not preparing for business interruptions can be a devastating liability. An event can have effects across the globe, in your state, your community or impact solely your business. How will the needs of your clients be met if disaster strikes your business? Have you considered the legal requirements of your industry? Pro-actively identifying vulnerabilities and establishing emergency preparedness and IT recoverability is vital to the future of your business.

Benefits of Disaster Recovery Planning:

    • Minimize loss of revenue
    • Ensure orderly recovery
    • Meet or exceed legal requirements
    • Stability
    • Company Image/Reputation
    • Minimal data loss
    • Minimize insurance premiums
    • Minimize recovery costs

Be safe! Be preventive! Don’t be reactive!

The professionals at Creative Computing Enterprises (CCE) will work with you and your company to ensure your business is prepared to respond and recover in a disaster situation.

Creating an IT recovery plan involves all areas and aspects of your computer network. The commitment of senior management is most important to ensure that plan development efforts are successful. Participation and acceptance by all areas of the business is also essential. Ownership and responsibility for their business functions must be understood and accepted. If they are not part of the plan development process, the plan has little chance of being truly useful.

The consultants at CCE specialize in IT disaster recovery planning and network management. Let our knowledge and experience personally assist your company to succeed.

Services offered include:

  • IT Disaster Recovery Planning Initiation and Education
  • IT Assessment
  • Plan Documentation:
    • IT Risk Assessment
    • IT/Network Analysis
    • Emergency Response Procedures
    • Recovery
    • Communication
    • Education and Training
    • Audit
    • Testing


In addition to working with your business to document a recovery plan, the professionals at CCE will place the plan into action!

CCE offers data recovery testing to verify your IT recovery plan is stable. Your data is backed up, but has it been verified? CCE will place your Disaster Recovery plan into action; testing the responsiveness of your employees and recovery process.

A Disaster Recovery plan is forever evolving, just as your business. If your plan is not maintained, it is effectively as bad as not having a plan. CCE can perform annual (at minimum) audits of your disaster Recovery Plan. This is a priceless value to the stability of your business.