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Recovering lost computer data, YOUR Data, Our Concern!


All readable data from 250GB and smaller drives will be delivered to you on a 250GB USB 2.0 external hard drive
when you send your hard drive to us!

We will recover your data and mail everything back to you on a 250GB external USB hard drive.

1)If data is not recovered CCE will refund your purchase price less shipping charge.

2)Recovery charge includes up to 250GB hard drive. We gladly quote larger drive sizes.

3)Note: We will not accept any physically damaged Hardware or non DOS/Windows Systems in this program.

For recovery of physical damaged hardware please call 1-866-223-0404 for a Quote.
We will accept software Mirrored Hard Drives.
We will accept hardware Mirrored Hard Drives with controller card.

Contact us at (866) CCE-0404 (866-223-0404) toll free or email to discuss a tailored solution to your Data Recovery requirements.