A "Lesson" in uniformity - The network design proposal

The Challenge

We met with this client in reference to their classroom environment, which had a pressing need for uniformity of all the student's desktop PC's and the instructor's workstation. After an all-inclusive needs and wants analysis with administrators and staff, we generated the Network Consulting Documentation.

The Approach

Generated from a detailed inspection and evaluation of the systems and network, the NCD encompassed only the Local Area Network affected by this situation within their intranet, so as not to burden the client's IT budget with unnecessary costs.

We then designed the solutions to correct the inconsistencies in the classroom and presented the findings, along with solutions, to the administrators.

In order to provide efficient classroom symmetry, it was determined that a network multicast system configuration application would provide the proper constraints for the dynamic situation of the student training schedules.

A time line was developed including goals and project update meetings to ensure direction and schedule adherence. Implementation was initiated by configuring master workstations for the different curriculum types. Images of the workstations were then stored and categorized on a server to provide a central configuration point for delivery to the appropriate workstations. Once the server was configured, the instructors were taught how to invoke the imaging process, which created the symmetry between classroom computers for the different curriculums.

The Results

The end result was uniformity, increased productivity and efficiency. This was a true collaborated effort, which resulted in outstanding efficiency and control of the classroom environment.