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How we work - Data and Disaster Recovery Case Histories


We have compiled a selection of case studies to aid in understanding how our network computing solutions consultancy approach our clients to determine their needs and to provide true, reliable and value added services, as well as knowledgeable and affordable data as well as disaster planning and recovery services.

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Keeping pace with company growth
Our network consultants met with this client to discuss a technical network solution which would provide the capabilities necessary for continued growth and profitability of their business and the role their existing network played...

 Increasing productivity in the face of chaos
The company's former IT firm left a nightmare of software license infractions and mis-matched hardware, making them suffer poor productivity, network stability and provided no data security...

Meeting current needs while allowing for future growth
The client has an advanced technical networking need that requires a reliable WAN connection with their satellite offices. Their current WAN connection was not meeting their technical network needs and the client was in despair...

Uniformity in the classroom
The client's classroom environment had a pressing need for a network computing solution with uniformity of all the student desktop PC's and the instructor workstation. They needed affordable computer planning that wouldn't burden their IT budget..