Brad's Story


Adams Foam was in the middle of a computer network disaster and I didn’t know where to turn for disaster recovery. CCE was visiting a client in our area and decided to stop by other businesses to offer computer network services. I am so glad they did. I met with them and informed them of our situation. They questioned us on critical aspects of our IT needs and wants then immediately began a plan to pull us out of our IT nightmare.

CCE evaluated our company with a network audit of the systems architecture and immediately began disaster recovery. Once the network was stable it was then brought up to date with hardware, software and data preservation protocols.

Our next phase was to implement enterprise technologies that greatly increase our mobility and efficiency. This in turn increased our productivity and decreased our cost, as well as virtually eliminating down time.  

CCE also suggested a disaster recovery protocol of a secondary e-mail server and a warm zone for recovery purposes. These protocols would greatly reduce our recovery time and loss of data incase of a disaster.

Well guess what! A disaster hit and hit big! Our building was struck by lightning and took out our entire electrical system! With the protocols that CCE put in place we did not experience any down time with our IT environment or e-mail communication with our clients and vendors. It was a great feeling knowing that in the middle of this entire trauma our IT environment and our data had been kept safe and available. We were very fortunate that no one was hurt during this disaster and neither was our business continuity.

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